Personal Posts On Facebook & Instagram are PUSH MARKETING

Personal Posts On Facebook & Instagram are PUSH MARKETING

Personal Posts On Facebook & Instagram are PUSH MARKETING

  • Posted by Apple Pie Design
  • On May 19, 2022

“PUSH MARKETING” – What is it?
Push marketing is defined as a promotional strategy in which a business attempts to get their message in front of their potential customers without them having a desire or interest to buy the product or learn more about it. Push marketing strategy can be considered to be ‘interruptive’. 

As you build your business through social media remember this: YOU, “the person or the people that work at the business” are the ones that people want to engage with. People are not loyal to products or services as much as they are the “FEELING” they get from these experiences. People want to make the connection with you or your business because they have gone through the same thing, or need a “feel good moment” as they are browsing throughout their day.

This is why you want to bring some personal things onto your social media marketing. You want to get on the same level as your audience. You want to connect with them and what they are going through or feeling. For example, post a picture of what it looks like outside your office. People use social media (even though they are not supposed to) to take a break. If you can connect with them, with a better scene or even the same scene they have, you have just made the personal connection. These PERSONAL photos, videos and personal interactions PUSH your marketing forward.

PUSH marketing is happening on social media by a lot of the PERSONAL, every day things you post. Personal videos and photos PUSH your marketing messages deeper into the Facebook and Instagram feed and your overall engagement is guaranteed to go up!

Remember this focus: Friendly, not familiar. Helpful, not extreme. As you bring in some personal stories from your life, family or business family, you give others a chance to interact and engage. Comments will go up, likes and shares will increase…. and engagement is happening organically.

Add a photo or two, invite your followers to engage with you, and talk about their daily lives or what is happening at work at the moment. Capture the moment. It’s a lot of fun and it’s good old fashioned business at it’s finest! 🙂 THEN when you post your product for sale, or your opt in offer, CONVERSIONS will go up, because you have just become trustworthy! This works for big brands too!

To learn more about PUSH and PULL Marketing, contact Apple Pie Design today. ~ Peggy

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