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Custom websites that meet your business needs. Our key is to understand the client, and fit the best technology to their needs.

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Combine your website efforts with a Social Media flavor. Gain traffic and attention to your website from Social Media Management and the right message.

Reputation Management

Track, monitor, combat and eliminate negative social media material about your brand to improve your name or standing.

Social Media Training

Learn how to use Social Media successfully, and let Apple Pie teach your staff on how to bring your Social Media efforts to a new level.

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The Power of Social Media

From my experience, successful social media campaigns are all about being truthful, honest and talking WITH your customers, not AT THEM. I am so proud of this client and his belief in the power of social media. We didn’t even have to spend any money on BOOSTS or ADS 🙂 #ProudMoment #SocialMediaManagement

Personal Posts On Facebook & Instagram are PUSH MARKETING

“PUSH MARKETING” – What is it? Push marketing is defined as a promotional strategy in which a business attempts to get their message in front of their potential customers without them having a desire or interest to buy the product or learn more about it. Push marketing strategy can be considered to be ‘interruptive’.  ADD […]

Making Sure an SSL Cert is in Your Marketing Plans

2018 was the year of encryption. I am not sure if you had noticed or not, but browsers began pushing the web towards encrypted HTTPS connections last year. In January of 2017, Google and Mozilla updating their browsers’ UI and beginning to mark HTTP sites with password fields, “Not Secure.” and during the Fall, the […]

Updating Your Online Referral Sites Are a Must

It’s not enough to just have a presence on Houzz, AngiesList and Porch. You have to do it right and always stay up-to-date. A couple of years back, you created accounts for your business on Houzz, AngiesList, or Porch. Now what? It’s not enough to display a bunch of pretty pictures on these sites, then […]

5 Ways to Combat Negative Reviews

You’re going out with a bunch of friends and you are looking for a place to eat after a long game of softball. You whip out your smartphone and search for nearby restaurants. You find a couple of suggestions that you run by your buddies and the first thing they ask is, “what do people […]

Tips for Using Instagram for Business

With a community of over 300 million active monthly users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with high engagements, and yet is still a very untapped territory for most businesses. But like approaching any social media platform it is important to do a bit of research and then create a strategy before jumping right […]

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