Helpful Google Search Tips and Tricks

Helpful Google Search Tips and Tricks

Helpful Google Search Tips and Tricks

  • Posted by Apple Pie Design
  • On April 2, 2024
  • Google Search, tips and tricks

Have you ever felt as though you’re looking for a needle in a haystack while poring over pages of Google search results? You’re not by yourself. Finding the precise information you need can be an endless game that you never wanted to play in the first place, with millions of webpages being launched year. Here’s where a Google search advice can make all the difference.

You may quickly get the precise information you’re looking for by using easy-to-understand search tips and tactics that can help you narrow down your search results.

These pointers can assist you in becoming a Google search engine power user, whether you’re hunting up studies for an article or researching competitors.


When using basic information to narrow down your searches, the following strategies work best. The sophisticated methods discussed later in this article will help you take your searches to the next level once you have mastered these fundamentals.


When you search for information on a certain topic, results containing that exact phrase—rather than just individual words—will appear in quotation marks. This is useful when looking for precise information on a subject, such as SEO keyword research, or product names, such as “Google Pixel Buds Pro.”

Without quotation marks, a Google search will return every article online that mentions “keyword research” or “Google Pixel Buds Pro.”

While some of these articles might be useful for your particular situation, “Keyword research for toothbrush companies” isn’t going to be applicable.


Would you like to locate extremely particular stuff on a website that you own? To search every piece of material on that particular website, use Google’s “site:” operator.

For instance, a search of “ productivity” will return all articles from the Medium website that discuss productivity.

But keep in mind that utilizing the “site:” operator could still result in a cluttered search results page for larger websites with lots of content. In order to improve the precision of your search phrases, you will need to utilize lengthier keywords.

You may provide Google with any image and get relevant search results pages because of Google Visual Search. When you Google search for an image on an iPhone, Android, or PC, this method works.

Take a picture and submit it to Google. In order to recognize objects, phrases, and even landmarks, the technology will use reverse image search techniques to separate the pieces within the image.


Combine the Google operator to search a single webpage with well-known communities like Reddit and Quora to find internet mentions of your website. Customers looking for information about various goods and services commonly use these platforms, which have a sizable user base.

Here are a few places around the web to use this method:

  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Product forums
  • Niche specific blogs
  • Google Answers
  • Stack

By typing in “” followed by your brand’s name, you can see all the mentions of your site on Reddit. Using this info, you can see how customers see your brand, how they use your products and any hidden pain points.


Your longtail search term will be more particular and pertain to the complete phrase rather than just the words if you close it between quotes. But if you look up related topics, you can add more than one longtail.

Let’s take an example where you wish to use the Google search bar to look up information regarding productivity and helpful tools. Type in:

“productivity tools” Alternatively “tips for productivity”
Results mentioning both of these terms will appear. The middle OR operator makes it clear that Google needs results for both phrases.