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Get more leads. Be proactive. Are you ready to do this? Let's get in touch

Pricing and Plans

We’re Always Innovating

Marketing is always changing and always evolving, so we’re constantly rolling out new ideas, features, marketing channels & more to help you grow your business.

More Leads & Sales

It’s simple, the more online presence you have and the stronger your online reputation/ratings, the more leads & sales you’ll generate.

Proactive, Not Reactive

The key to a strong reputation is being proactive with constantly capturing positive reviews, not reactive as a result of negative reviews.

Save Time

Building a process to capture positive reviews as well as monitoring & responding to reviews can be time consuming. Let us do it for you..

Full transparency – Client Ownership
At Apple Pie Design, any account we establish for you is set up with full transparency because we believe our clients have the right to full ownership for long term value. This means you have complete access at any time, and always 100% ownership of your content, text, website platforms and social media accounts.


We believe successful marketing requires more than just a pretty website. Apple Pie Design specializes in responsive website design that is focused on helping you reach your targeted audience and grow your business.


Our proven techniques will grow your fan base, helping you make new customer connections and strengthening current ones. In addition there are numerous SEO benefits for your website when you have a well managed social media presence. More fans and increased interaction means more exposure and more business for you!


Do not get left behind by your competitors! It is becoming increasingly important for local business’ to claim and manage their directory listings at places like Yelp, Merchant Circle, CitySearch and more. Track, monitor, combat and eliminate negative social media material about your brand to improve your name or standing.


More users are watching their social media stories than they are the newsfeed!!! Which means you HAVE TO BE THERE too! We will show how stories work, how to optimize visibility and engagement, and what the best practices are to create stories that keep your audience coming back