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15 June

Making Sure an SSL Cert is in Your Marketing Plans

2018 is the year of encryption. I am not sure if you had noticed or not, but browsers began pushing the web towards encrypted HTTPS connections last year. In January of 2017, Google and Mozilla updating their browsers’ UI and beginning to mark HTTP sites with password fields, “Not Secure.” and during the Fall, the…

15 June

Updating Your Online Referral Sites Are a Must

It’s not enough to just have a presence on Houzz, AngiesList and Porch. You have to do it right and always stay up-to-date. A couple of years back, you created accounts for your business on Houzz, AngiesList, or Porch. Now what? It’s not enough to display a bunch of pretty pictures on these sites, then…

15 June

Update your copyright date automatically

It’s a new year, so why does your website still read © last year or worse? Most web site owners forget to update their copyright date. And it’s easy to understand why. For most sites, the footer, where the copyright date usually sits, is below the fold and in small type anyways. But for site…